Infant Police Bunting Costume


Your little one will be the cutest officer in training in the Infant Police Bunting Costume. This bunting is perfect for your little one to stay warm and cozy this Halloween.

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When They Grow UpThe moment your baby showed the beginnings of their personality, you started imagining their future. When they punch their arms above their head, you picture them playing a drum set for the next great rock band. Every time they kick, you wonder if they’ll make a great football player or dancer. Their infectious giggle had you envisioning your baby entertaining a full auditorium with an original stand-up routine. If they coo, you hear their Grammy-winning singing voice. If they stare ahead and hold a pose, you believe you’ve discovered the next top model. But their impressive strength—evident when they grip your pinky-finger—and calm nature have you convinced that they are destined to protect those around them as a police officer. Only time will tell how your baby will spend their lives. Until then, trust your gut feelings and see if a future in law enforcement fits with this Infant Police Bunting Costume!Product DetailsYou and your baby will be wrapped up in the possibility of their future with this charming uniform. The plush, black bunting features hook and loop fastener strips down the front to quickly get your baby dressed for Halloween. Your little hero will stay comfortable and warm for all the festivities (even if they fall asleep on the job) with their feet tucked in the swaddle-like bodysuit.  A sewn-on badge, American flag patch, and decorative belt give the costume an official look. The included police hat finishes the ensemble, making it picture-perfect for the memories you’ll want to capture during your baby’s first Halloween.Oh, the PossibilitiesBabies are blank slates. It’ll be quite a while before you know what they want to be when they grow up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start introducing them to all the possibilities. Complete your cops and robbers group costume or see if your sweetie has what it takes to protect and serve with this police bunting for infants!

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