Dog Mail Carrier Costume USPS


Your furry friend will be adorable in this USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume. This pet uniform includes a shirt/pants combo with a hat.

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Doggo Deliveries Do you ever wonder why most doggos bark at the mailman every single day? Some people think that it’s because they want to scare them away… but we have a theory! We think that certain dogs may just be jealous of your local mailman. They want to fetch those packages and deliver them to their master! They do such a good job of bringing the ball back during their games of fetch, so maybe they just want a shot at a little promotion!Well, does your doggo bark at the mail carrier? Then maybe it’s time you gave your pooch a promotion! This adorable USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume will turn your proud puppy into the bestest mail boy in the neighborhood!Product DetailsThis dog costume comes with everything your pet needs to look like a mail carrier! It comes with a shirt that fits over your dog’s front legs and closes in back with fasteners. The front of the shirt has a pair of plush arms that hang down in front. The included box fits fastens in between the plush arms, so your good boy or girl will be ready to deliver packages all day long! Finally, the hat really finished off the whole look! Your pup will be ready for their new job in no time!

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