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Check out this Child Chameleon Costume is an exclusive costume that’s great for parties and plays! Sorry this Lizard Costume doesn’t change colors…or does it?

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The Camouflaged LizardThe animal kingdom has this amazing way of keeping us all guessing. So many creatures pull together surprising elements that ensure that none of us are ever certain what we’re looking at. A few of them are able to pretend to be other creatures entirely. Ever been surprised to see a stick on the ground suddenly get up and dart away or another creature literally appears out of nowhere after it has carefully hidden into the environment around it? Animals are sure a mysterious and creepy bunch of creatures!Of course, the truth of the matter is that we humans are part of that animal kingdom and some of us have a truly daunting way of emulating some of those very same tactics… especially our youngsters! They can twist and shape themselves into all sorts of shapes just to get into places that we’re pretty sure we’ve told them not to go. And, when they want to stay out of sight, it is as though they’ve managed to get some of the genetic code of some of those shape-shifting and color-twisting critters. But, you know what they say… if you can’t beat them…Design & DetailsThen just give in and let them go the whole way! You can help your kiddo learn to develop all of their color blending abilities with this Child Chameleon costume. This polyester velour jumpsuit has a back zipper for simple wearing and has lovely green and black camouflage print throughout the whole of the body. The stomach and tail are both a lighter lime green, the latter of which can be stuffed and posed as desire. The hood has soft-sculpted eyes with a snout on top that gives your little tyke the very image of being a giant lizard. Now, the color-shifting abilities develop a little later in life, so you won’t have to worry about your kiddo vanishing before your eyes… at least not thanks to the lizard costume, anyway!

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