Kid’s Racer Plush Helmet


Get ready to go fast with the Kids Soft Racer Helmet. Featuring number one branding this is exactly what you need before you get into your car.

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Speed is His Middle NameIt can be scary to think about. Eventually, your child will be old enough to drive a car. Let that sink in for a moment. You’ve watched them play racing video games before, right? Well, you’ve seen the way they hammer down on the gas without slowing down for even a second. You’ve seen them screech around turns, nearly clobbering the other cars on the track. They just can’t get enough speed, and as their parent… you can’t help but be proud of the little speed demon that you’re raising, even if you aren’t quite ready to hand over the keys to your car just yet! This Race Car Driver Helmet will let you indulge in their speedy ways while they still can!Product DetailsIf your child can’t get enough of the high-octane action of auto racing, then they’re going to feel right at home wearing this Kid’s Soft Racer Helmet. The plush helmet is designed to look like a professional racing helmet. The helmet fits with an elastic strap under the chin, and features red and blue colors with a black vinyl visor on top. It also has a checkered flag emblem that speaks to any young race car driver’s need for speed!

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