Infant Cutie Monkey Costume


Does your baby always seem to be on the go? Well, this adorable Infant Cutie Monkey Costume will be the perfect costume for the little monkey in your life.

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Monkey AroundMaybe your little babe is known for sleeping blissfully for hours, uninterrupted. Or perhaps you already have reason to be talk about your little monkey! Rambunctious, curious, silly, and sweet, infants and baby monkeys have a lot in common. They both love to climb, make funny noises, and play with anyone around. So if you’ve reached the active baby monkey stage, then this Infant Cute Monkey Costume really ought to speak to you as your baby’s first Halloween look!There is nothing more adorable than a well-suited animal costume for a baby. It’s a classic approach that creates a big impact, and while you’ll see plenty of black kitties and little pups being carried around to trick or treat, you may not see many monkeys in your neighborhood. That means your sweet babe will get to shine as the one-of-a-kind kid they are growing up to be. How perfect is that?Design & DetailsFor a while, our design team was stumped as to how to make this exclusive costume even cuter. Then, they got it — a pink bow on top and a heart-shaped belly patch! And you know what? They were totally right. Crafted to help keep your little monkey cozy warm in the crisp Halloween air, this soft and furry brown jumpsuit covers your kid from head to claw and includes details like attached booties and a hood with a sweet monkey face on top! Stay SillyYou have years of your little one’s adorable mischief-making, so start off on the right…paw…with this too-cute costume. One look at this monkey suit will ensure your silly monkey can get away with anything. At least for the time being. 

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