Dragon Horns Headband


This is a Dragon Horns Headband. This green headband is exactly what you need if you’re trying to be a dragon for Halloween!

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Dragon HeritageIn another life, we think that we may have been a dragon. We know it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s the only explanation! We have a strange affinity for hoarding shiny things, like gold and priceless treasures. We love spicy Indian curry, because we like how the blazing hot flavor makes it feel like we’re breathing fire. And lately, we’ve had the strange urge to terrorize a kingdom by kidnapping one of the members of the royal family, forcing a ragtag crew of adventurers to weave their way through our perilous dungeon in an attempt to save said royal family member…Well, have you ever thought that you might secretly be a dragon? Then it might be time to give this Dragon Horns Headband a try. It’ll help you explore some of your more dragon-like characteristics!Product DetailsThis simple headband is the easiest way for anyone to transform into the classic fantasy creature. The headband has soft-sculpted horns top and fiberfill in the interior. It also has some wing-shaped dragon ears on the sides to give you the full dragon experience! Just put it on and you might have the urge to start hoarding treasure chests full of gold!

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