10 Ft Light Up Hanging Reaper Prop


Add another level of scare and fright to your Halloween decor when you get this 10 Ft Light Up Hanging Reaper Decoration. Featuring a hanging reaper whose eyes light up a blue color, this 10 Ft Light Up Hanging Reaper Decoration will surely cause some sca

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Your Boo! DebutYou’ve avoided it for too long—the Halloween haunted house—but this year, you have the energy, resources, and a whole new home to decorate! It’s time. Let the fun begin!You’ll need to set the scene perfectly. Not to freak you out or anything, but remember, a LOT rides on your debut as a Halloween haunted house host. The competition is steep, and your new neighbors will be using this as a way to judge your commitment to the Halloween spirit. So do yourself a favor and make sure you include this Hanging Light Up Reaper Decoration, ok? It’s a hugely scary piece that will spook even the most stalwart of guests when they run into it in the coat closet, a darkened hallway, or the bathroom. Only those truly committed to preserving the spirit of Halloween will dare hang this creeper in their doorway. So we have to ask: do you dare?Product DetailsThis piece is a whopping 10 feet in length and features freaky components like a gauzy cloak that brushes your guests’ skin in an eerie way, posable arms for optimal effect, creepy straw-looking hair, and blue eyes that light up with LED lights.  

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