Girl’s Posh Vampire Toddler Costume


Your toddler will transform into a blood-sucking creature with this Girl’s Posh Vampire Toddler Costume! This is the perfect costume for an aspiring little vampire this Halloween.

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Up All NightIt’s not that toddlers are vampires, per se, but let’s be honest…they do tend to suck a lot of energy out of your life! If you really think about it, toddlers make the perfect little vampires in training, as they tend to be most active at night, or more precisely, at bedtime. (“I need water. I need another story. One more song!”). Heck, your kiddo would probably choose to be nocturnal if you gave them a choice.Dress your tot in this too-cute Toddler Posh Vampire Costume and consider the transformation complete! Just look at the adorable details of this costume. Your child will love turning into a bat-like creature of the night. And for one night only — Halloween — they will get to haunt the neighborhood long after sundown. Just make sure to cast a magical spell that allows your little vampire to be out in the sunlight, too, because this classically inspired, swanky kid’s costume is too adorable not to make an appearance in the school parade!Design & DetailsThe long sleeve dress that forms the basis of this costume comes in an easy, pullover style and features a fabulous bat-print in blood-red, as well as a jagged hem trimmed in silver. The foam collar stands up on its own and has matching detailing, and it attaches to the cape, which mimics the hem of the dress. A faux gem brooch and top-hat headband complete the look and land your child in the cutest costume category! 

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