Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Ravenclaw Robe Costume


Be a hit at your Harry Potter theme party in the Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Ravenclaw Robe. This robe is the perfect way to enter yourself into a wizarding school.

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It’s Not Too LateYou may have noticed by now. You’re a grown-up. You also may have noticed by now that most students who begin classes at Hogwarts, are not grown-ups. Well, don’t worry. There’s still time for you to learn witchcraft and wizardry, even if you are a little older than some of those other young wizards in training!If you plan on catching up, then first thing’s first! You need to figure out which Hogwarts House that you belong in. Ravenclaw students tend to be academically minded wizards, who use their wits to solve any problem. They also tend to look great in blue! If you have the wits, or if blue just happens to be your color, then you may want to outfit yourself with this Harry Potter Adult Ravenclaw Costume Robe!Product DetailsThis costume robe is an officially licensed plus size robe inspired by the ones from the movies. It has a simple design with a button clasp in front. The chest features an embroidered patch with the Ravenclaw symbol on it. Of course, it comes with a hood, since every wizard needs to have a hood! The hood has a dark blue lining matches the color of Ravenclaw, helping you showcase your Hogwarts House spirit. And, the best part about it? It’s a size suitable for adults, unlike most of the first year attire design for the younglings! Just slip it on and you’ll be taking your first steps toward your magical education.Gear Up Like a WizardOnce you’re all set up in your Ravenclaw robe, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your wizard gear in order! Check out our selection of wands, scarves, and hats to complete your Harry Potter cosplay. When you finally get your chance to attend Hogwarts, you’ll be all set!

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