RCMP Plus Size Canadian Mountie Costume


There’s nothing quite like a classic Canadian Mountie to show your love of the great North Country! This Plus Size Canadian Mountie Costume is right out of classic Canada. Available in 2X.

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Join the Mounted Police! Do you have a knack for belting out, “Oh, Canada!?” Are you a real animal person? Do animals of every shape and size just love you back? How about your sense of justice? Well, if you can combine all of those talents with a larger-than-life sense of duty and good cheer, there might be a spot for you with the Royal Mounted Police. Okay, maybe changing up your entire life to join a company like that isn’t what you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the thrill of looking the part! Answer the call for your next costume party, Halloween event, or even just to make your singing days all the better. Design & DetailsTransform into the most beloved law enforcement regime the world has ever known with this Made by Us Canadian Mountie costume. You will have a vibrant red poplin jacket with shiny golden buttons sewn down the center. There are also black velvet epaulets, collar, and matching cuffs on the jacket for a more authentic feel. Then a pair of black poplin jodhpur pants with pads at the thighs will stay securely around your waist with the help of the elastic waist. The black belt and shoulder strap are both made up of faux leather and also are both included with the costume. This is enough to make you ready for a maple syrup chugging contest but you can augment your look further by looking at our options of Sheriff Hats and brown boots, too!Mount Up!If you got what it takes to join this band of mighty warriors then step up and take on a position in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and ensure safety and fun for everyone in the party scene this Halloween! In fact, bring a friend along in a Horse costume to really set the scene! 

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