Boy’s Crazy Eyed Clown Child Costume


Your child can be the creepiest clown in town with this Boy’s Crazy Eyed Clown Child Costume! This costume is perfect for any kid looking to scare his friends and neighbors this Halloween.

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Funny BusinessEveryone knows about the fun, happy clowns who get to work at fairs, circuses, and birthday parties. They have the iconic giant shoes, silly, whimsical tricks, and huge painted smile that everyone imagines when they think of clowns. What people don’t realize is that there is so much more to the clowning business than what the public gets to see.The real money in clowning around is made in the backrooms, in the offices and cubicles. The real money is made by high-profile clowns in suits and ties, who make all the decisions and interact with the investors. They are the clowns with very frightening looks, who don’t shy away from the no-nonsense scare-murders that bring more interest into clowning than their nice and jolly counterpoints. Who are these go-getters? They are the guys and gals in the real heart and soul of the clown business: the scary clowns.  Bulging Eye for DetailIf your child wants to dress up like one of these infamous, dangerous, scary clowns, then this is the costume that will set them up for success. The half pinstriped, half polka dotted jumpsuit has all the ruffles, fuzzy balls, and other aspects of the perfect clown, all in various shades of puke green, blood red, and black. We’ve handled the whole costume, so all you need to bring is the scary laugh!Clowning AroundIf you are looking for the perfect scary children’s clown costume, then this Boy’s Crazy Eyed Clown Child Costume is for you! It has all the features and details that will make your child into just about the scariest Bozo you’ve ever seen.

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