Classic Adult Flintstones Wilma Costume


Yabba dabba doo! Go back to the stone age with the Classic Adult Flintstones Wilma Costume! Go on adventures with Fred and Pebble in the Classic Adult Flintstones Wilma Costume!

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Prehistoric PressuresIn today’s era of doom scrolling and trying to keep up with endless household chores, it’s easy to think that life before the A.D. would have been simpler. What’s the use in trying to keep up with the Joneses when there are no Instagram influencer accounts to compare yourself with? But we’re sure that cave people had their problems too! There could have been pressure to have a well-trained dinosaur, a fine fur to wear, and if you didn’t have the newest version of the wheel, you were sure to fall behind! Wilma Flintstone could have stood up to all those prehistoric problems with grace. She’s got a fabulous style, just a little sass, and some serious skill with a club. If you want to step out of your modern issues into idealized Prehistoric shoes, then dressing up as Mrs. Flintstone is the way to go!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us licensed Wilma Flintstone costume will make you feel like you stepped out of the classic cartoon! The white dress has a form-fitting bodice and an asymmetrical shoulder line. The hem of the skirt has a neatly tattered look that suits a put-together cavewoman like Wilma perfectly! Topped off with Mrs. Flintstone’s chunky necklace, this costume is ready to wear as soon as it’s out of the bag. Want to have more fun with your look? Consider pairing this with a toy club and our Cartoon Cavewoman Wig!

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