Girl’s Harriet Tubman/Susan B. Anthony Costume


Harriet Tubman is a true American hero and now you can dress like her when you wear this Girl’s Harriet Tubman Costume. Susan b. Anthony fought for the woman’s right to vote and equality you can dress like her when you wear Girl’s Susan B. Anthony Costume

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Beyond the BookYou’re absolutely sure that your gal understands the importance of paying attention in history class. She wouldn’t want to miss out on all kinds of really cool information, like how powerful a lady Harriet Tubman was! It’s a good thing she’s to be ahead of the curve on this one; she is actually an all-out history buff! She spends every family dinner quizzing her siblings on significant historical facts. Where other kids have their walls covered in posters of bands and teen idols, she has hung historical maps of the United States and framed pictures of her favorite formative figures. So she knows all about how important Harriet Tubman was; we don’t even have to tell her! She is a true American hero, and now your gal can show off her passion for history and try to emulate the bravery and integrity of her favorite American in this Girl’s Harriet Tubman Costume.Product DetailsShe can feel like top of the class and a true class act in this period-specific, black button-up peplum dress. The collar calls back the bygone days of Tubman’s heroism. As a bonus, she can wear it with the ruffled collar, head scarf, and without cuffs for Harriet Tubman, and then wear it AGAIN with the eyelet collar, cameo, and eyelet cuffs to transform into Susan B. Anthony. It’s perfect for a historically-focused Halloween costume or a school play. Lantern (and historical prowess) sold separately.Working on the RailroadYou can be so proud of your child when she dresses as the unassuming woman who “never lost a passenger”. This costume can inspire so many things other than a good book report. By stepping into her dress girls can soak up a little of the courage, wisdom, and pride. There’s no better way to improve our future than learning about the past. 

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