Harry Potter Kid’s Herbology Costume


Professor Sprout will be impressed that you’re here early in your Harry Potter Kid’s Herbology Costume! Those earmuffs will definitely come in handy for today’s lesson!

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Herbal AttireThe wizarding world has quite a deep history when it comes to the study of Herbology. It’s actually a mandatory class at Hogwarts for the first five years of a student’s education. That shows you how important these lessons are to the development of young wizards and witches. Students who excel in this study tend to be the top magic users and often eventually become faculty of Hogwarts. We wish there were an online class or something we could take to learn a few basics (hey, it couldn’t hurt to know, magic-user or not). Luckily, kids have more imagination than they know what to do with, so we know they will feel in the middle of Hogwart with our Harry Potter Herbology Costume for Kids. We exclusively make this costume, so we ensured care in its creation like a Herbologist does while mixing plants and potions. Oh, and this Harry Potter costume is officially licensed, so you’ll feel as if this Halloween costume is fresh out of Hogwarts itself!Design & DetailsLike the first year in any subject in school, Herbology lessons consist mainly of lectures relating to plants and their uses. Have fun with your kid pretending to learn new magic spells and terms. It makes this costume perfect for not just Halloween but anytime your kid wants their imaginations to run wild. Just make sure your eager student knows it isn’t until their second year that they receive more hands-on experience and get to study and care for Mandrakes. This is the stage our Herbology costume comes into play as this movie costume actually features a fiberfill-stuffed velour mandrake! The earmuffs and jacket complete the officially licensed outfit. If you have a child who is a fan of Harry Potter and Herbology, we know they will bloom for our Harry Potter Herbology Costume for Kids.

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