Garfield Soft Headband & Tail Kit


Do you find yourself eating all the delicious food around the house before anyone else can have some? Then this Garfield Soft Headband & Tail Kit will be the perfect costume for you!

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Where’s the Lasagna?We can all relate to Garfield. Who doesn’t want to skip Monday, nap all day, and then eat a big dinner of lasagna? Maybe after dinner, he’ll even play a joke on the dog! That sounds like the perfect day! Well, it’s easier than ever for any kid to have a Garfield kind of day. All they need is this Garfield Soft Headband and Tail Costume Kit. It comes with everything a child needs to look like the Jim Davis character from the comic strip!Design & DetailsCrafted with care by our designers from Elope, this Garfield Headband and Tail Costume Kit transforms any kid into the cartoon cat. The headband has Garfield’s orange face on top, sculpted from soft, velour material. It uses embroidery to recreate his eyes and nose. His pointy ears poke out on the top and have the black stripes commonly seen on the Sunday funnies! This set also comes with a tail, with a small strap that attaches to any belt. The fiberfill stuffing in the tail gives it a rounded, plump appearance. It’s a quick and easy way to cosplay as the Jim Davis cat who loves lasagna, and hates Mondays!

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