Women’s Bend and Snap Costume


You’ll be able to distract any Delivery Man who comes walking into your salon when you wear this Women’s Sexy Bend and Snap Costume! Just be careful you don’t break his nose.

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Women Supporting Women (While Looking Incredible) Let’s say that your jerk boyfriend just dumped you for not fitting a certain image. First of all, rude! You’re perfect the way you are. But his betrayal will still sting, so the first thing you’re going to want to do is find a nearby nail salon. It’s the perfect place to connect with your girl squad, share horror stories about your exes, and help each other find true love. While your nails are drying, you can even practice the most iconic seduction technique ever! Product DetailsLook like the fabulous, and super-smart legend you are in this Bend and Snap Costume for Women! The two-piece outfit includes a bubblegum-pink midriff top that perfectly blends businesswear with flirty fun. It has long sleeves ending in hot pink velvet cuffs and its velvet wing collar is sassily offset by a separating front zipper that lets you plunge the neckline as far as you wish. The high-waisted skirt is form-fitting for a flattering silhouette and zips up the back. A slit at right front makes the outfit really sizzle! Pink Is the New Pink No one will be saying “I object!” when you show up in this gorgeous set! Put on the iconic pair of sunglasses, add a sweet and stylish clutch purse, and maybe even pop in a pet dog to show that you have a soft side as well as legal know-how. Your ex will come crawling back to you – but don’t even bother with that situation because you’ve got new goals! Besides, who needs a guy when you’ve got a killer closet? 

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