Mens Green Deluxe German Hat


Top off your Oktoberfest attire with this Deluxe Green German Hat! This authentic green hat is the perfect accessory that will add a touch of flair to your costume!

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License To YodelIn most of polite society, you have to use your indoor voice. Of course, there are exceptions. People shout at sporting events and they holler while driving through echoing tunnels on road trips. But discovering events in which you can let a real, live yodel loose are few and far between. In fact, people might not even expect you to yodel if you’re vacationing in the Alps unless you’re wearing the right accessories. That’s where this hat comes into play. A Bavarian classic for mountain men, this hat has everything you need to give you license let loose with a real live yodel, whether you’re in the Alps or bellying up to the bar at an Oktoberfest in Oklahoma!Product DetailsWhether you’re rocking lederhosen or a dirndl, this hat is a cheerful way to top off your ensemble. Perfect for a lush, Alpine landscape, the lightweight green felt of this look is comfortable and bright. Accented with a dapper feather, when you place this hat on your head you’ll be ready to take on all the pretzels and pilsners the season will offer! Bestie at the FestieAre you bringing friends to Oktoberfest this year? Grab a few more hats and other accessories to make sure that even your unprepared pals are looking festive!

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