Harry Potter Deluxe Ron Weasley Quidditch Costume for Kids


Take to the pitch as the keeper in this Harry Potter Kid’s Deluxe Ron Weasley Quidditch Costume. Good luck. You’ll need it!

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Weasley Is Our KingIt’s another Quidditch match, and this time it’s Gryffindor versus Slytherin on a cold and rainy Saturday. A Slytherin chaser is racing for the Gryffindor goal posts, where the Keeper waits nervously, knuckles white as he clutches his broomstick. Boost his confidence with some hearty cheers, Hogwarts students! Ron is a pretty good Keeper; he just needs a little encouragement. In this Harry Potter Kid’s Deluxe Ron Weasley Quidditch Costume, your child can zoom, dive, and pretend to be Gryffindor’s Quidditch Cup-winning Keeper, Ronald Weasley. He may get nervous, but with friends like Harry and Hermione at his back, he can take on anything. Product DetailsQuidditch uniforms got an upgrade in the fifth movie, and all of those Order of the Phoenix touches are in this costume! It is safety first when playing a daring game like Quidditch, so it’s all about the padding. The jumpsuit itself doesn’t have any padding, but the graphics printed on the chest, forearms, and calves look just like the real deal with none of the extra bulkiness. There are also great graphics on the cape design, which is red and yellow and is actually part of the jumpsuit. The shoulder pads ARE real, and attach with velcro type fasteners. Strap on the foam helmet, and your child is ready to play!He Never Lets the Quaffle InLooking to add a few more touches to the uniform? Check out our website for some rocking Quidditch googles, and maybe even a racing broom…? Go all out! How else will Gryffindor keep their winning streak going? Let your child live out their magical dreams of being a witch or wizard at Hogwarts. Maybe they’ll let you take a spin on their new broomstick. If we’re being honest, we’re still waiting for our acceptance letter, too! 

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