Harry Potter Hermione Wand


It’s not LeviOsa, it’s LevioSA! Now you can practice getting the best Leviosa spell with this Harry Potter Hermione Wand!

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Like Wand, Like Master!A master wizard requires an elegant wand. Despite her muggle heritage and her age, Hermione is quite the skilled young wizard. She performs every spell with style and grace, and she can ace any magic test. It’s really no surprise that her wand has style that’s just as graceful and wise as she is! It’s constructed out of vinewood and it has a  dragon heartstring core, and she’s certainly made spectacular use of it during the Harry Potter films!Of course, we’re just mere muggles here. We wouldn’t know the first thing about constructing a real wand for casting actual spells. But, when it comes to cool replicas based on movies… well, we know a thing or two! This Harry Potter Hermione Wand will give you a wand that looks just like the one used by Hermione, even if it won’t help you cast any spells.Product DetailsThis Harry Potter Wand is molded to look like the one from the movies. It features vine details on the side and fits comfortably in any muggle or wizard’s hand. Pair it up with one of our officially licensed Harry Potter costumes to cosplay as your favorite Hogwarts student.

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