Kids Munchkin Girl Costume


Are you ready for a trot down the yellow brick road? You will be once you put on this adorable Kids Munchkin Girl Costume.

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Life in Munchkin country would be pretty sweet. It’s a beautiful green country, with a shining yellow brick road lined with brightly colored fences. Now that the wicked witch is dead and there’s this witch fighting girl here things are bound to get even better. Munchkins are a simple farming people who love nothing more than a good song. Living with cheer and gratitude, they certainly know how to break into choreography sporadically. Who wouldn’t want to stay in charming Munchkin country? Your Wizard of Oz loving little girl will blend right in with those sweet country people when she suits up in her Munchkin attire. Whether she’s in the school rendition of Wizard of Oz or she wants a festive Halloween costume, she’ll really get into the Munchkin spirit with this outfit. The green dress with puffed sleeves and a gathered collar is offset nicely by purple accents. The petal apron has a little leave pocket and a daisy accent on the side. The whole ensemble is topped off with the charming flower hat that looks just like a giant, upside down morning glory. If your little one has a love for all things green and living and loves Wizard of Oz she’s sure to enjoy dressing in her munchkin gear. She’ll look like she just popped out of one of the lovely illustrations from the book. Just don’t be too surprised when she has a sudden interest in dance mobs. Now that she’s a munchkin, choreographed group dancing is a part of her nature.

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