Gray Bendy Bunny Ears Headband


This Gray Bendy Bunny Ears Headband is perfect if you’re looking to be a bunny for Halloween or accessorize your Easter outfit, you won’t want to pass up these ears!

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A Famous Furry FellowThere are a lot of pop culture bunnies. Bugs Bunny, of course, might be the most famous. But there’s also the White Rabbit in Alice and Wonderland, Thumper in Bambi, and Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. Any of those bunbuns could be a fun character for your next costume party. But no matter who you decide to be, you’re going to need a pair of bunny ears! Be prepared for any rabbit related look with a pair of these Bendy Bunny Ears Headband Gray. Product DetailsThese aren’t little tiny bunny ears, oh no. If you were a human sized bunny, your ears would be huge! So these are a bit larger than the pairs you might normally see. These big ears have soft, gray faux fur on the back, while the inner lining is a delicate pink. The best part about these ears, though, is that they are bendable! Point them straight up to be an alert rabbit, or bend them down when frightened. We’re a big fan of the quizzical “one ear up, one ear bent” look. No matter what you settle on, the best part is that you can bend them again if you change your mind!

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