Minecraft Kid’s Armor Classic Costume


Your kid can bring their Minecraft character to life this Halloween in the Minecraft Kids Armor Classic Costume! This Halloween costume is perfect for young gamers.

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Fending Off the FiendsYou never know what you’ll run into when wandering around the Minecraft neighborhood. You’d think that Minecraft locals wouldn’t really be surprised by anything anymore, but the weirdo creatures populating this square world are quite unusual. One, Minecraft Steve went fishing and he was sure that he’d finally landed the perfect fish to complete his recipe. Who knew that you could even catch the Elder Dragon with a couple worms!? Of course, that’s nothing compared to the creepy crawlies that wander the world during Halloween. Zombies and skeletons were already expected. But, who knew that they could wear witch hats, werewolf claws, and a few robotic servos? Those undead, shapeshifting, spellcasting androids are spooky. Fortunately, Minecraft has a bunch of diamonds and we’re happy to get to crafting the armor that will keep your tyke safe while mining for candy! Product DetailsBring the fun of Minecraft to the real world when you give your kiddo this officially licensed Minecraft Armor costume. This is a comfy jumpsuit that is printed to look like the teal, silver, and white glint of the diamond armor from the game. It closes with hook and loops in the back and features foam shoulder pads to give your tyke that natural blocky look from the cube world. The matching headpiece gives your kiddo their head protection… or at least the look of the completed armor! Grab your favorite Minecraft mining pick to help them land all the threats!Diamonds in the Treat ToteYour kiddo is certain to acquire all the very best snacks while hunting through the Minecraft world. But, there’s always a better way to make sure they get them safely! With this bright blue Minecraft Armor costume, they’ll enjoy their Halloween with their favorite game and be just shiny enough that they’ll secure the candies without any issue! 

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