Lion Furry Costume Hood


Be the king or queen of the jungle this Halloween by adding this Furry Lion Costume Hood to your lion costume. You will be ready to roar once you put on this Furry Lion Hood with lion mane and attached ears.

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A Victory RoarDo you ever just feel so good that you want to roar? You know, maybe you head to the grocery store and you find that cereal you really like on sale. Then, you check your phone and your crush just liked your post and left you one of those winky face emojis. After that, maybe you find a crisp 20 dollar bill in your pocket. You feel amazing, so you take a deep breath and let out a thunderous victory roar like a lion!Is that just us? Well, anyways, we bet that you’ll feel like roaring when you wear this Furry Lion Hood. It’s designed to make you look (and feel) like a fierce lion.Fun DetailsThis adorable headpiece is constructed out of a combination of velour and soft faux fur for the mane. That means it’s comfortable and warm, perfect for anyone trying to embrace their inner lion. The hood fits with a strap that fits under the chin and the round little ears on top add an adorably ferocious touch to the headpiece. If you want to reason to roar, or if you just want to look a little more lion-like, then this the hood for you!

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