Funhouse Clown Black and White Wig


Look like a sinister clown with this Funhouse Clown Black and White Wig. This clown wig will be perfect for completing a scary look this year for Halloween.

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Wigging OutIt is so hard to get that classic clown look without resorting to dangerous or experimental methods. Sticking a fork in an outlet is hilarious in cartoons, but is far too deadly in real life. It’s not worth the perfectly poofy and crazy hairstyle that clowns love if you have to die to get it!There are some more life-preserving methods, but then you have to wonder if you are going to be able to undo the frizz when you need your hair next, or if you’ll be stuck. Maybe your hair will just stay like that forever if you trust those funny ointments from the snake oil salesman clown. If only there were a way to have removable crazy hair that still looked great…Ahead of the GameGood news everyone! We have developed a way to have removable crazy hair that still looks great! This Funhouse Clown Black and White Wig is both wickedly cool-looking and totally removable. As a bonus, it can even be re-applied to your head! The black and white striations are perfect camouflage if you ever need to steal the scene in an old timey movie, and the conical protrusions are great if you want to pass for a football. All in all, this wig is perfect for any goofy occasions you can think of!

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