Women’s Wicked Ringleader Costume


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, step right up! Be the ringleader of your circus this Halloween when you wear this Women’s Wicked Ringleader Costume.

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Fearless LeaderAt work, you are the kind, compassionate, communicative boss for your staff. You take care to think through how your decisions will affect your employees, how to create a better work-life balance, how to increase benefits and distribute the workload more efficiently, and how to have epic office parties. Your team thinks you’re the best boss ever — and you pretty much are. But it’s fun to play pretend on Halloween. After all, why should kids get all the fun? That’s why you’re totally rocking this Women’s Wicked Ringleader Costume, and imagining how different life would be if you ruled the roost in a different way. After all, it’s pretty hard to do the right thing all the time, and it’s a little thrilling to do the wicked thing…every once in a while. Have fun in your imaginary world tonight!Design & DetailsThis stunning look is worthy of the position of honor in the ring, seeing as it was crafted to perfection by our in-house costume team. Every attention has been paid to its details and design, from the golden braided trim to the matching cord fasteners. The costume is actually a one-piece dress styled to look like a tailcoat jacket and tank dress, with velvet construction and a top hat that helps you look larger than life and in charge of the circus. Back to RealitySteal the spotlight tonight and prepare to dazzle and delight. But just remember to hang up the whip (not included) and top hat before returning to work on Monday! It may send the wrong message to your staff. 

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