Infant Clowning Around Costume


There will be lots of fun, laughter and clowning around on Halloween night when your little baby wears this super adorable Infant Clowning Around Costume!

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Dressed for SuccessEvery year, it seems, clown employers are asking for more and more on applications, especially in terms of experience and education. Even starting positions now commonly list a requirement for one to five years of experience! While that hardly seems fair or sensible, we cannot deny that is a fact of the world at this point, and therefore we recommend you get your baby started right away.If your infant has shown any interest in becoming a legendary clown, then get them this Infant Clowning Around Costume. As long as they wear it, they are accruing applicable hours of experience that will be indispensable in their chosen career path (as long as it is being a clown). Besides, at least if they wear this outfit, no one will have to wonder why they are making all those funny faces, it will fit right in with the whole look!Bucket of LaughsSaving for clown college and setting up your child with an early background in clowning is a great way to get them started on their path, but don’t forget the most important part: taking pictures! Your child will be so cute in this clown costume that you will swear you’re being bamboozled. The colorful onesie with cute, clownish details will make you ooh and ahh as they do all their normal baby clown things.A Laughing StockIf you are looking for the perfectly hilarious and cute clown costume for your infant, then this is the one for you. You will break your funny bone when you see what an adorable performer your child can be!

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