Women’s Betty Lou Carhop Costume


Go back in time to the days of roller skates and hamburger joints with our Women’s Betty Lou Carhop Costume!

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If you so desired, you could strap on your roller skates, cook up some hamburgers, milkshakes, and french fries, and jump into the carhop business! We mean, you could, if you wanted to.Don’t let us sway you one way or another, but it would be a celebration of so much! Mostly nostalgia. But what about the retro look, the joy that came from simple pleasures, the perfectly pleasant atmosphere of suburban life? Of course, there were a number of problems. We weren’t all seen as equal and there are obvious benefits to the modern day conveniences. Who can argue with having access to almost all the world’s information at the touch of a smart screen?!That right there is where the magic of modernity allows for us to have both at once! We can channel the ‘50s through some of their amazing neighborhood diners. Think of being able to hop on over to the local shop on the corner, order up a Big Bopper Burger and a hand-made shake. Listen to some tunes off the jukebox and watch or participate in the twist on the checkerboard dance floor. But you can’t just do that in your jeans and t-shirt… you need the whole ensemble, like this Women’s Betty Lou Carhop costume! You’ll look right at home zipping and zagging through the finned Cadillacs waiting for their food while some rockin’ rockabilly blasts over the speakers. Now all you need is some skating lessons!

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