Frank N Furter Costume


This Frank N Furter costume is a funny character costume from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This Frank N Furter costume for men is a licensed Rocky Horror costume.

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The doctor is in the house. Dr. Frank-N-Furter that is.And trust us. If this doctor is in the house, the house is about to get… how shall we say… exciting. Those of you familiar with the Rocky Horror experiment and the Transylvanians have at least a vague idea what you’re in for. The rest of you? Well perhaps it would ruin the fun if we were to warn you.We’ll tell you this much. Dr. Frank-N-Furter is quite the deviant. A bit explicit, malicious, devious, misunderstood… did we mention that he holds the key to life? That he has created machines and creatures beyond compare? That in seven days he can make you a man? He is a doctor after all. Although, his medical practices are a bit a-typical. He’s more intent on creating himself a plaything than anything useful for anyone else. Then there’s the cross-dressing, cannibalism… and perhaps we won’t spoil any more for you.But if you’re feeling the urge to channel the bad doctor himself, look no father than our Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume. It comes with the vest, sequined fingerless gloves, and briefs with garters. Add some gnarly eye shadow, fishnets, and pumps, and you’ll look just like the mad Transylvanian himself.

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