3 Function Pumpkin Light Decoration


Choose this 3 Function Pumpkin Light instead of candles in your carved pumpkin. This one light offers three functions: yellow flicker, color change and strobe.

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NO FRIGHT WITH A PUMPKIN LIGHTDo you have a son or daughter who’s venturing out to trick-or-treat solely with friends for the first time? As a concerned parent, guaranteeing your child is safe on a night when strange and unusual events could take is your number one priority. Make sure they stay safe on those dark neighborhood sidewalks with a product we love: the 3 function pumpkin light. Way cooler than a basic flashlight, the light-up product makes Halloween a safer holiday altogether, plus it’s fun for kids to use. Make sure they don’t leave the house this year without this handy pumpkin light. PRODUCT DETAILSThe 3 function pumpkin light is so easy to use, a gourd could do it! (Well, maybe, if the gourd has hands.) This light-up appliance requires 3x AAA batteries (not included) in order to work. Once the small on/off switch is turned to ‘on,’ the light functions in 3 different ways. It can give off a yellow flicker, it can change colors completely and it can also give off a strobe effect. A FLASHIER COSTUMEThis product pairs well with all kinds of costumes. You’ll never have to worry about your child being out past dark ever again!       

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