Gru Kit for Adults


You will have a big urge to be despicable you wear an Adult Gru Kit. This costume kit will make you build some of the wildest inventions! Do not forget to get you a bunch of minions.

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The Biggest and BaddestEver dream of being the world’s greatest supervillain? Where would you even start? Would you pull off an amazing heist at the biggest bank in the world? Would you steal the world’s greatest artworks from the most secure museums? Would you hold the world’s fate hostage for a hefty ransom?Sadly, doing all of that wouldn’t even put you in the running for the title of “World’s Most Infamous Mastermind. The first thing you need to do in order to achieve this devious dream is to get your hands on this Gru Adult Kit. With this simple costume kit, you will transform into the amazing supervillain, Felonius Gru! From Universal Picture’s Despicable Me franchise, Gru had quite the reputation. The law wanted him and villains wanted to be him. Only one thing could slow down his reign as the greatest villain in the world; parenthood. Gain his notorious name without accomplishing any of the wicked feats he had, once you have this kit.Product DetailsThis kit comes with everything you’ll need to look like the great Gru. A mask that will give you his dastardly good looks and his signature striped scarf. Boom. We’ll leave the rest in your villainous hands.

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