Fly Bug Creepy Crawler Glasses


These Fly Bug Creepy Crawler Glasses are the perfect accessory for your fly bug costume. The lenses on these glasses have a honeycomb print and are tinted.

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Buggin’ On the FlyWhat kind of bug would you want to be? We asked around the office and got some pretty cool answers. We heard about wanting to flit around as a dragonfly or luna moth. We heard about wanting to pollinate flowers as a fluffy bumblebee. But when we asked our office snacker, we were surprised by her answer. She said she’d want to be a housefly cafeteria so that she could get away with trying everyone’s lunches without getting in trouble. When we brought up the danger of the fly swatter she reminded us that most bugs only live a day or two, so she might as well live it up. Getting swatted off a slice of key lime pie sure beats ending up stuck in a window well as an elderly fly!Product DetailsYou’ll slip into fly mode easily with these creepy crawler glasses. The lenses have a fly-eye pattern that’s instantly recognizable by people that have seen flies up close. The glasses fold up nicely when you’re done using them so that you can be ready to transform back into a bug at a moment’s notice. Ready to bug out? You can do it on the fly with these glasses!

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