Monkey Soft Headband & Tail Kit


Get ready for some monkey business when you add this Monkey Soft Headband & Tail Accessory Kit to your monkey costume. Features a plush monkey head and tail, this Monkey Soft Headband & Tail Accessory Kit will have you looking for bananas instead of candy

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Monkey on the RunAre you planning on wearing a lot of hats this Halloween? Between volunteering for the haunted bake sale, trying to sell your boss on a new proposal at work, and getting the whole family dressed for trick or treating, you may not have the time — or energy — for an elaborate costume. And that’s totally OK! But don’t throw in the “dressing up” towel just yet. You just need a look that’s simple to pull off, effective, fun, and family-friendly!This Soft Monkey Headband & Tail Accessory Kit is the perfect pick, then, for a busy monkey. You can easily slide the components on and off depending on your duties at different times of the day, and who doesn’t love encountering a monkey out in the world? It’s one of the biggest animal joys out there! So whether your crew is going for a jungle theme, or you simply feel like embodying a monkey’s intrinsically carefree spirit, this simple costume kit will fuel your supercharged Halloween plans. Well, that and a few bananas in your purse!Design & DetailsSimplicity and quality — those are the principles that guided this little costume’s creation. Though it may seem complicated to turn your human head into a monkey mug, this headband makes it a total no-brainer. Just slip it on and the soft, stuffed monkey head sits comfortably on top of your own, complete with a little tuft of hair. The stuffed brown monkey tail can easily attach and detach for a day of no muss, no fuss wear!

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