Kids Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume


This Child Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume is perfect for all your adventurous little kids. Unleash their imagination as they sail a crossed the seven seas.

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A Pirate’s Life For YouThe golden age of pirates might be a few years in the past (okay, so maybe it’s a few hundred years in the past), but that doesn’t mean that you and your kid have to give up on the dream! Where’s your sense of adventure? You two could be out sailing across the high seas, digging up treasures chests on uncharted desert islands. You two could be out there with a cutlass in hand battling it out with a giant Krakens. You two could be pilfering Black Beard’s secret treasure that just so happens to be buried in your backyard. Heck, you could even be out there pillaging all the cookies in kitchen cupboards. Of course, the first step to your own pirate adventure with your kid is imagination. Your second step? Well, that comes down to having a cool outfit to wear, which is where we come in!Product DetailsCheck out this Child Deluxe Pirate Costume! It comes with all the fixings your kid could possibly need to get the look of a rough and rowdy buccaneer. With faux leather accents, gold embellishments around the edges of the coat and some high-class looking cuffs, your kid will look like a top-notch pirate in no time. Just be careful! He’ll be looking like such a daring scoundrel that he may just demand to be the captain of the ship.

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