Harem Princess Women’s Wig


Be transformed into an Arabian royalty with this Women’s Harem Princess Wig. This black haired wig features a long three sectioned ponytail and headband with gem accent.

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*Sigh*How do those girls get their hair looking so great? On second thought, they were probably the first ones who started using Argon oil on their hair. When you use enough of that stuff your hair is bound to behave. But volume and smoothness, that takes up so much time! How’s a girl who doesn’t live in a harem supposed to achieve that kind of perfection?Ah, yes! The wonder of the wig. Wigs can do amazing things. They’re the reason Marie Antoinette still stands out in our minds. Can you imagine George Washington without a wig on? Let’s bring everyday wig wearing back! There’s no need to deep condition or straighten your hair. Just roll your hair up tight, pop this on, and transform yourself into an Arabian princess. How easy is that? Maybe you’ll even acquire the ability to belly dance, you never know what a wig can do.

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