Disney Bo Peep Large Bow Costume Headband


When completing a costume it’s all about the details and when it comes to Bo Peep you can’t leave out the Bow! The Bo Peep Large Bow Headband is perfect for any Bo Peep costume!

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A New Sense of Style When we first meet Bo Peep in Pixar’s Toy Story, she is clad in a polka dot, pink and white dress. She carries a large blue crook, and wears a wide pink bonnet to protect her eyes from the sun. But by the time we watch Toy Story 4, Bo has gone through a costume change. Life away from Andy has changed her. She wears a blue jumpsuit now, and her crook has a twine grip. But she still has a pink headpiece—this time, it’s a bow. You or your child can bring the newest version of Bo to life with the help of this Bo Peep Large Bow Headband!Product DetailsThis large, pink headband bow is just that—large and pink. But we cannot stress how important it is to the costume! Like the pink bonnet, the new bow is just as important when identifying Bo in a crowd. Any blue top or pant will do, because when you get the bow right, the rest of the costume falls into place. Check out our website if you’re looking for Bo’s blue staff, which is another essential piece. We’ve got it on our virtual shelves!

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