Women’s Swanky Flapper Costume


Stay out at your next Halloween or themed party and take a trip back to the roaring 20s in this stunning Swanky Women’s Flapper Costume. You’ll cut a rug all night with this stylish costume!

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What do you think of when you think of the 1920’s? You might think of that iconic curled bob that was so popular with all of the flappers. Or maybe those swanky speakeasies come to mind, hidden in caves or behind seemingly innocent restaurants. Whatever you think of when you think about the twenties it’s no doubt that it was an age of luxury.The 1920’s were full of strange activities. Public entertainment included strange activities like flappers sitting at the top of flag poles for long hours and barnstorming: an activity that includes chasing an airplane down in an open-top car, grabbing onto a ladder attached to the plane, and holding on while the plane did aerial tricks. With these crazy antics, it’s no wonder why people still talk about the wild parties of the roaring twenties. And with alcohol being illegal, the parties in speakeasies seemed more intriguing and mysterious. It’s also no wonder that some of the most luxurious dresses were made for these legendary parties. Flappers weren’t afraid of flair. This dress would be admired by any party goer. It’s detailed with golden embroidery, sequins, and long black fringe. With a bob accented with the feathered headband, a flapper would look like she’s ready for the talkies.This gorgeous ensemble will make you ready for a night at the speakeasy, ready to break out those jazzy dance moves you’ve been holding in all these years. You might be dressing up for Halloween or maybe you’re hosting a 20’s themed party, either way, when you’re trying out you shimmy with the fringe and the sparkly fabric maybe you’ll understand why people still call the 1920’s the Gilded Age.

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