Adult Coraline Wig


Complete your Coraline Outfit with the perfect wig to match the character. You will feel like the animated movie star complete with the dragonfly hair clip.

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TO A FANTASTIC WORLDHow often have you woken up in the morning, stretched in your comfortable bed, and just wanted to feel a little bit of fantasy in your otherwise normal life?  You know… the wish that another world might be just at your grasp and give you a little extra color in your life. Well, be careful what you wish for.  Sometimes, rather than finding a nice land of color, a world of creepy shadow can answer.  Fortunately, no matter what worlds are out there, you can keep some shining shades in your hand.  Or, more accurately, on your head. DESIGN & DETAILSFeel like the curious protagonist and survivor of strange worlds when you don this officially licensed Coraline Wig.  This comfy cap is styled by our own magical designers to have the same sheen as our favorite animated character!  The gradient of black and blue hair falls below your jawline in this wig which comes with the dragonfly hairclip.  (Who could forget that!?)  HIP AND SHINYCoraline is a character like none other.  Her quirky attitude and shining personality is matched only by her styling hairdo!  Match her strand for strand with this lovely Coraline Wig or even augment your own stellar look.

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