Deluxe White Bunny Tail


This Deluxe White Bunny Tail is plush and perky so go ahead and shake it ! This versatile White Bunny Tail is a must have accessory for any Playboy, Easter, or Alice in Wonderland Costume.

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FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT, THEY SAY?The problem with trying to chase down the white rabbit so you have easy access to Wonderland is that the bugger moves so quick!  Always crying about being late and how much time he’s got free.  If he’d just relax, no doubt he’d get where he was going and his fur wouldn’t get so ruffled!  But, sometimes a guy needs a little guidance… someone to show him the way so he doesn’t get quite so stressed out.  Since they say that you should follow the white rabbit, maybe that procrastination can be cut out if he’s got his own bunny to chase!PRODUCT DETAILSFeel what it is like to be the bunny everyone is after when you wear this Adult Deluxe White Bunny Tail.  This simple white belt is comfortable to wear and features a fluffy rabbit tail in the rear.  It will be the perfect compliment to your existing bunny or rabbit costume or might be just the unique conversation starter to get things moving on the right track.HOP TO THE FUNSure, you might be able to lead the bunny hop whenever you choose, but won’t it be an even greater time when you have the matching bunny tail for them to follow!  Show everyone the way to Wonderland with this White Bunny Tail.  

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