Girls Tigress Costume


This Girls Tigress Costume is a cute animal costume for young girls to wear. You’ll feel fur-ocious in this wild tutu costume!

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Halloween is a contest, you know. There are some fantastic and fierce costumes out there and every year makes for an even greater challenge to be the talk of the town. And, with the latest trend of Internet meme-based costumes, what direction are we to go? The Ice Bucket challenge was so long ago and the stores are flat out of orange face-paint. No, the Internet would tell us to go with cats. Millions of cat memes can’t be wrong, right!? What’s cuter than a cat-girl costume?But, isn’t that just the problem. Everyone knows the cat-girl is the way to go and you can’t be just one among a legion of cat-ladies! At that rate, we’re all competing just to be Fluffy no. 3 and that is no way to live, especially when you’ve got nine lives to spend there. Why, you practically need to climb higher on the food chain these days! While the lion seems like a likely way to go, all that means is a bunch of responsibility down the road. And the panther, while an attractive option, is just going to be interpreted as another witch’s familiar.But, that is where we can come pouncing with a purrfect answer. With this Girl’s Tigress costume, you can be sure that your kiddo will win Halloween for the feline-kind. This is a two part ruffle knit bodice with elastic straps and an interlock knit fabric skirt overlaid with lovely stripes of orange and black mesh and stuffed tail sewn to the back. Tiger patterned sleeves and leg warmers complete the look once combined with the tiger-ear headband. She’ll be the ruler of the next generation of memes!

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