Women’s Magenta Bob Wig


Be pretty in pink with this Magenta Bob Wig for women. Add it to any costume or outfit for a fun pop of color.

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Pretty in PinkDo you wish there was more color in the world? Do you dream of painting with all the colors of the wind? Or having a Technicolor Dreamcoat?  Well, we do. We love color. No, like seriously love colors. If we could, we’d have pastel blue skin, purple eyes, pink hair, and some silver nails. Alas, these kinds of aspirations aren’t really natural, but the good news is thanks to modern technology, most of this can be achieved with makeup magic. They make paints, dyes, and polishes to achieve such gorgeous colors. Of course, dying one’s hair a bright color isn’t always the easiest. It’s difficult to get that really potent shade of pink we desire. Thankfully there’s a solution for this too. All you have to do if you want vibrant pink hair is to purchase this Magenta Bob Wig. This synthetic hair wig comes on a mesh cap with an adjustable elastic band in the edge for a snug fit. This particular wig is a bright candy pink with bangs and a short shoulder-length styling. It’s perfect for those of us who want that super bright hair, but maybe can’t commit to a permanent hair coloring. Quite simply, it’s color-rific. 

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