70’s Disco Jumpsuit Costume for Women


This 70s Disco Jumpsuit for women is a groovy choice for your next 1970s themed event, or if you’re feeling really bold, a trip to the mall. Disco ball not included.

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Is there any dance style more fun than disco? Not a chance! Some dance crazes are similar, but none can match the driving energy of a packed discotheque. Strut your stuff and be the queen of the dance floor in our exclusive 70’s Disco Jumpsuit!Okay, polka dancing is maybe a close second to disco in terms of how much people get into it, but accordions can’t compare to all of those flashing lights and quick, thumping beats. And while we do love a good waltz every now and then, that trend is so 15th century, and we like our dance music to come out of something that needs to be plugged in first. That’s why disco is the grooviest way to bust a move: it’s loud, flashy, colorful, and makes you want to, nigh have to, move your feet! You can even do the hustle on rollerskates, and we can’t think of a better remedy for Saturday night fever.Such a lively dancing style calls for an equally lively outfit style. So, we totally had the electricity of disco music on our minds when we designed this far-out jumpsuit, and you will too once you slip it on and start feeling the groove! The bellbottoms and colorful, body length stripes give you the perfect reason to feather your hair, and bust out all of your flashy jewelry and platform shoes. This outta sight style is perfect for any 70’s theme parties, but we know once you try it on, all you’ll wanna do is hit the dance floor!

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