Deluxe Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Plush Velboa Costume Hat


Try to behave once you’ve put on this Deluxe Cat in the Hat Plush Velboa Costume Hat. We know it will complete your Dr. Seuss costume but that’s no reason to cause a bunch of mischief!

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There was always a sneaking suspicion that cats were full of trouble, especially the ones that wear hats. A cat wearing a hat? That’s pretty weird, and no good can come from it!Although, if the internet has taught us anything, cats are full of limitless possibilities, like playing keyboards, stuffing themselves in the tiniest of boxes, and being extraordinarily grumpy. So, maybe this whole ‘Cat in the Hat’ thing isn’t so odd after all. Have you seen the one with the cat being scared of a cucumber? We thought that one was pretty funny, but it also proved to us that cats are a rare creature that is both hilarious and charming at the same time, even when they are being weird.This officially licensed Cat in the Hat hat is the perfect complement to any Cat in the Hat costume for Halloween. Even if you don’t want to dress up completely, at Cat in the Hat hat will give you an instantly recognizable look in no time!

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