Red Riding Hood Accessory


Complete your Little Red Riding Hood costume with this Red Riding Hood Accessory! This red hood is lined with faux fur.

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Take a HikeWe often razz Little Red Riding Hood for being too gullible. After all, she tells a wolf all about her grandma in the woods. But when it comes down to it, she’s super brave! Before the wolf is even on the scene, she’s super excited to go hiking in the woods alone. She grabs that basket, throws her hood over her head, and skips onwards. And then, when she realizes she’s talking to a wolf she simply sticks to the small talk like her sick grandma and food. Finally, when she talks to the wolf at her grandma’s house, she remains chill, pointing out all the reasons that the wolf really isn’t her grandma. And yes, in many versions the wolf eats her up. But we’re pretty sure the red riding hood in our minds would take down that wolf as soon as he said his teeth were better to eat her with!Product DetailsThis bright red hood has plenty of drama and can be paired with any outfit so that you can build your own costume. The soft material is lined with a faux wolf fur, telling the world just how that canine vs girl confrontation worked out. You’ll stand out in the unique shape with a distinct point on the top and long tails in the front. Bring Along your BasketThis Red Ridinghood costume makes for a great DIY costume. Simply pair it with whatever clothes you see fit and keep your possessions in a basket. Just make sure those wolves know that they’d better not mess with you!

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