Mandalorian Black Series Helmet


This Mandalorian Black Series Helmet makes the perfect costume accessory addition to your The Mandalorian inspired look. Don’t leave home without having your The Mandalorian costume complete by wearing this Mandalorian Black Series Helmet.

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A Complicated ProfessionThe galaxy is a big place. It’s full of wondrous worlds and all sorts of different beings. It also happens to be filled with dangerous outlaws who have a HUGE price on their heads. It can make things… complicated for an aspiring bounty hunter. That’s why the Mandalorian carries tons of weapons and it’s also why he wears a full suit of Mandalorian armor made out of Beskar steel.The bad news is that Beskar steel is extremely tough to find (in this galaxy or the next). The good news is that you probably don’t need the near absolute protection that Beskar provides. You can probably get by wearing this Collectible Mandalorian Black Series Helmet, which looks like real Beskar, even if it’s made out of a different sort of metal instead.Product DetailsInspired by the armor donned by The Mandalorian, this officially licensed helmet is both the perfect replica for cosplay and a delightful collector’s piece. The helmet feature padding on the interior, along with adjustable straps to help you get a snug fit. The visor provides limited vision, so you might not want to fight any Mudhorns when you wear it! And since it’s part of the Black Series, it will easily become your favorite piece in your Star Wars collection.

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