Costume Child Jelly Jar


Jam your little trick or treater into our Child Jelly Jar Costume. This adorable costume has fun cartoon strawberries on a picnic table cloth style checkered background.

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In a JamIt was a hard day at school. It started off rough. Bobbie had to sit in the front of the bus in the morning after not getting a spot with his friends in the back. Then, on the way to the school, he stepped into an icy puddle and soaked his foot to the core. He had a pop quiz in Spanish class which might as well have been Greek. And he lost his pencil before math and had to borrow one from Harry “the biter” Thompson. Lunch came along and Bobbie realized he had sat on his turkey and cheese sandwich, making his meal almost inedible. The afternoon didn’t get any better. He tripped in gym class. He got the hiccups while reading out loud in History. And he forgot to write a book report for his English class. In short, this wasn’t Bobbie’s finest hour.We’ve all got days like this. There’s one way to make it all better. What’s better than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after coming home from a hard day at school? As hard as we tried, we couldn’t think of anything. Guess that means that peanut butter, jelly, and you are the heroes in this situation, huh?Product DetailsWhether your kiddo is heading out alone or they’re stepping out with their best buddy, peanut butter, this fruit spread costume is sure to make the neighborhood jelly. It will look like your kiddo is popping out of a jelly jar but the ensemble is actually quite comfortable as it’s a soft polyester tunic. Snack AttackYour kid will love dressing up as everyone’s favorite sandwich topping. Match it up with the peanut butter jar costume and you’ll have a culinary match made in heaven. With a costume this sweet, they’re sure to spread plenty of joy when they’re trick-or-treating this year!

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