Girl’s Minion Costume


Stick by Gru in his rise to villainy and then his transition to joining the Anti-Villain League. Your child will be absolutely despicable in this exclusive Girl’s Minion Costume.

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Assemble the Minions! Who’s going to emerge as the greatest villain of all time? Not Vector, with his piranha blaster and orange tracksuit. Not El Macho (although his tortilla chip hats are genius.) And certainly not Bartholomew Bratt, Scarlett Overkill, or the Vicious Six, despite their cool alter ego names. Why won’t they be the greatest? Because they don’t have the might of the Minions behind them! And they don’t have fart guns either, for that matter. Those are crucial to victory. Product DetailsJoin the best – and the cutest – villain force in the world when you wear your officially licensed Minion Costume for Girls! The exclusive outfit includes a dress that’s designed to look like a long-sleeved yellow shirt underneath a sassy denim jumper. The large chest pocket is printed with Gru’s symbol. Black gloves keep you from leaving fingerprints on crime scenes, while the yellow headband keeps your hair out of your eyes in the lab. The final touch is the pair of plastic goggles that all Minions need! The Crime of the CenturyWhat amazing feats will you help Gru pull off today? Maybe you’ll replace all the sheep in the world with sheep-shaped robots. Maybe Dr. Nefario can build a device to help you brainwash all teachers into replacing all classes with a day-long recess period. Or maybe you’ll pull off the greatest caper yet: Putting together an awesome group costume with your family or your friends and collect the most Halloween candy that the world has ever seen! 

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