Women’s Distressed Tights


These Women’s Distressed Tights are the new hot trend. Instead of jeans with holes, it’s tights that have been worn down almost to the point of holes.

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It’s Called “Fashun” There’s always someone in your life who wonders loudly why you’d want to buy clothes with rips in them. “Honestly, those clothes are already damaged! I could do that same thing for less with a pair of scissors,” etc., etc. The answer to these objections is simple: Rips are awesome. They add visual interest and edginess. And if you like them, why not wear them with everything?Product DetailsWhy should jeans have all of the fun? These Distressed Tights for Women are about to become your new favorite accessory. The dark nylon-polyester material is embellished with distressed details on the front of the thighs and shins (The material in that area is thinner than the rest). They look fun and funky with your favorite skirt or dress! A True TrendsetterWhen you love designing outfits, you know that occasionally you have to take a risk to get a big reward. Fortunately, there’s no risk in wearing this cute set of tights because you already know that you’re going to look fabulous. 

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