Child Deluxe Zelda Costume


Be the Princess of Hyrule in this Child Deluxe Zelda Costume. You will be ruling Hyrule and using your magical abilities to defeat Ganondorf in no time.

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Princess Zelda has a lot on her plate. She has the whole kingdom of Hyrule to… well… rule, and there is always someone who’s trying to take it over. If it’s not Cia, it’s Malladus, and if it’s not Malladus, it’s Zant, and if it’s not Zant, it’s Ganondorf. Now that guy really is a nuisance! He’s always kidnapping her, for one, and wreaking havoc, and destroying things, and stealing things like the Triforce and just being a really big pest. And sure, sometimes Link takes care of the whole debacle for her, but sometimes a girl’s got to fix things herself. Luckily, Zelda is more than qualified to save the world. She’s smart, feisty and resourceful. Plus, she possesses divine wisdom, healing powers, telepathy, and some really sweet archery skills.If your girl wants to have epic adventures like Zelda, she’d better start by dressing the part with this Child Deluxe Zelda Costume. The officially licensed sleeveless dress is based on the classic Nintendo video game series, with a Hylian-themed piece in the front. There’s also a faux leather stole that has a metallic finish and printed graphics and can fit over the shoulders and fasten to the dress with Hook and Loop fastener. In addition, there’s a molded plastic medallion decorated with faux gems and a molded plastic tiara attached to a plastic headband. Now all your girl needs is a set of bow and arrows so she can use her signature Light Arrow move to help Link save the day!

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