Adult Pokemon Pikachu Fanny Pack


Travel across the land searching far and wide for Pokemon with the Pokemon Pikachu Adult Fanny Pack! Teach Pokemon to understand the power that’s inside with the Pokemon Pikachu Adult Fanny Pack!

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#1 Pokemon FannySome people play Pokemon on the go but true fans have Pokemon wherever they go. Now, you to can have your very own Pokemon when you head out the door. No matter what your adventure may entail, you’ll have all you need with this Pokemon Pikachu Fanny Pack! Not only will it easily carry your most important belongs, but it is also designed to look like the mascot for the franchise, Pikachu! Since the day you became a fan, you’ve always wanted to have your very own little yellow electric mouse. Now thanks to this adorable accessory you can have all that and more!Product DetailsThe fanny pack matches the bright yellow of the Pokemon’s staticy hair. Pikachu’s cute face is embroidered on the front of the pack. The electric pocket monster is winking and sticking its tongue out. The pack has two large yellow ears attached to the top as well. Inside, you will see that there is plenty of room for your keys, wallet, and extra Poke balls. The black strap is adjustable and has a clip which makes it easy to take the pack on and off. Lastly, the black strap has Japanese writing in white all around it.

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