Womens Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Costume


If you have loved her from the very first game that came out, we think you can show off your gamer pride with this Women’s Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Costume! This costume features a pink satin material dress with darker pink accents and a blue gem

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Keeping the Kingdom CalmThe Mushroom Kingdom is in need of a strong leader. Anyone who’s played a Super Mario Bros game knows that! It seems like every day, the kingdom is organizing epic Mario Kart races, tennis tournaments, and the best parties around. And when those events aren’t happening, Bowser is usually attacking the kingdom with his legion of Koopa Troopas. If it weren’t for Princess Peach, the whole place would fall apart in a minute flat! She’s got tons of experience dealing with crazy situations, so she’s perfectly suited to ruling the good Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom.If you’re the one holding things together with your friends or family, then maybe you’re a Princess Peach type! We think it’s about time that you got the cute uniform of a ruler, which is where this Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Costume comes into play.Product DetailsThis women’s costume is an officially licensed outfit from Nintendo. It captures plenty of great details from her iconic outfit from the video games, so you can step into the role of the Mushroom Kingdom’s benevolent leader! It starts with a pink satin dress with puffy shoulders and a faux gemstone on the chest. It also features tulle around the skirt to help give you that classic princess style. Of course, you’re going to need a crown if you plan on being the ruling princess! This costume comes with a gold-colored crown with faux jewels around the edge. It fits with a normal headband, so you can just place it on your head to top off the outfit!Adventures with MarioIf you want to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, or if you just want to head out on an adventure with Mario, then this Princess Peach costume is the one for you. Just stay away from Bowser when you wear this outfit (he’s not your friend).

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